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Divorces are complicated. Experienced in the processes of both an uncontested and contested divorce, Law Offices of Steven T. Greenblat in Silver Spring, Maryland, is ready to help you.
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Wills & Trusts

Protect your estate with wills and trusts. We at the Law Office of Steven T. Greenblat, ESQ, understand how important it is to protect your personal assets and provide for those you love. We will help you make the right decision when selecting a will or trust. The main difference is that a will only takes effect after you have passed away, where a trust can take effect as soon as it is implemented. Let our team help you and your family make the best choices when creating a will or trust.

Powers Of Attorney

With an aging community and longer life expectancy, many families may need to assume financial and.or medical responsibility for an aging loved one.

Financial Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney is a legal process granting financial decision making authority for an aging loved one. Let the Law Office of Steven T. Greenblat, ESQ help evaluate your families needs and qualifying circumstances.

Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney is a legal process granting health and medical decision making authority for loved ones who no longer have the mental capacity to make rational decisions regarding their health and well being. This can be a very emotional time for a family. We can help you keep perspective and assist in this process.

Estate Planning

Your personal property no matter how big or how modest is what makes up your estate. Your estate is made up of everything you own including your car, home, other real estate, furniture, checking account, savings account, insurance policies, investments, etc. Without proper planning these valuable assets may not be passed down to your family or designated charities. Let the Law Office of Steven T. Greenblat, ESQ help you evaluate your estate and make a plan that fits you and your families needs.


During probate your will is verified and personal assets appraised for actual value. In addition the probate process evaluates your debts and pending tax burden. These matters must be taking into account as the estate is dispersed according the will or state laws if no will exists. Typically, probate entails court appearances by lawyers. The Law Office of Steven T. Greenblat, ESQ will assist you during this time.

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